UTC the company

UTC Imaging is a diagnostic ultrasound company that exploits the information present in ultrasound signals to the extent that it sets new standards in imaging and diagnosis of tendons, ligaments and muscles.

UTC Imaging was incorporated in July 2009 as an alliance between Dr. Hans T. M. van Schie, inventor of the Ultrasound Tissue Characterization, briefly UTC, technology and Classic Imaging a company active in diagnostic ultrasound. A passionate team was created that has a whole arsenal of knowledge, expertise and facilities on board, ranging from fundamental and clinical orthopaedic research, computer science, musculoskeletal imaging, image processing, electronics, engineering, fine mechanics and ultrasound technology.

Tendinopathy is amongst the most common causes of injuries in sports, at the workplace or in daily life. Not only 30-50% of all injuries in athletes, but also more than 48% of all occupational illnesses are tendon-related (Woo S L-Y, Renstrom P and Arnoczky SP, 2007). Even people with a more sedentary lifestyle frequently suffer tendinopathies, due to compounding factors like inactivity, obesitas and/or diabetes.


It is our vision that for the benefit of a better performance, a sooner return to work and/or a better quality of life, the early detection, targeted treatment and objective monitoring of tendinopathy is vital. The novel UTC imaging technique facilitates it all !


In order to crystallize our vision, the team of UTC Imaging is determined to provide specialists in radiology, orthopaedics, sports medicine and physiotherapy with a cost-effective and accessible tool that is mobile and highly reliable for the diagnosis and monitoring of soft-tissue injuries.


The main product, the UTC System, is developed on the basis of the original research tool of Dr. Hans van Schie as described in his PhD thesis (2004, Utrecht University, Utrecht, the Netherlands) .
UTC-imaging is an innovative technique that adds new dimensions to diagnostic ultrasound, namely unique 3-D imaging capabilities next to the novel Tissue Characterization properties.