Enhancing Clinical Efficiency: The Role of UTC Imaging Training 14 December 2023

The standard orthopedic curriculum has yet to incorporate UTC imaging, thus making it challenging to harness its advanced information without appropriate training.

Essential Training Course with Every UTC System Purchase

To overcome this hurdle, we offer an essential training course that accompanies every UTC system purchase. We conduct this compulsory training in the Netherlands, primed to equip users with the skills to operate the equipment and handle UTC imaging data optimally.

Ongoing Education and Support

Regular use of the system for two to three months then typically empowers a new user with confidence and expertise in the technology, integrating it effectively into patient clinical pictures.
We understand the importance of ongoing education and support; hence, we further include continuous educational support with every UTC system purchase.

Sharing and Discussing UTC Imaging Datasets Online

In the UTC imaging landscape, we uphold standardization as a core principle. This approach sets us apart from regular ultrasound scanning and ensures the acquisition of ultrasound data is not dependent on operator skills. Moreover, as the analysis for color-coded images gets standardized, UTC imaging datasets can be shared and discussed online. This exchange is possible thanks to an online screen and operation sharing tool that is a standard feature of our UTC systems.

Strengthening Skills of New Users: Quality of Datasets, Analysis Programs, and Implementation Suggestions

Our continuous educational support discussions cover the quality of datasets, choice of analysis programs, and implementation suggestions in patients’ clinical pictures, all designed to strengthen the skills of new users.