Rectification 7 September 2014

An annoying misunderstanding that was raised due to a competing interest statement made by Prof. Jill Cook in an article in the British Journal of Sports Medicine in April, has fortunately been corrected. The following rectification was published in the recent September issue of BJSM:

In the print publication in BJSM 2014, 48: 506-509, The challenge of managing tendinopathy in competing athletes by J L Cook and C R Purdam, it is mentioned that Prof. Cook holds a patent on the use of UTC to detect change in a tendon. The competing interest statement should read “Professor Jill Cook is a director and shareholder in Trackside Technologies Pty Ltd, the applicant of a European patent directed to using ultrasound to monitor connective tissue and compositions for treating connective tissue”.

It is clear again that the use of UTC imaging on tendons or any other structure is free to everyone that purchases a UTC System and is, and will not, be subject to any kind of licensing or permissions from anyone.