21 December 2022

Program for the Boehringer Ingelheim – UTC Imaging symposium

The final program for the satelite symposium we host on the Thursday evening prior to the Veterinary Sport Horse Congress is now…

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Setting for recording scanning of the Achilles tendon
22 January 2021

Facing the challenges of the pandemic

On-line training
The pandemic left us, as so many others, in an awkward situation. Not only that we could not meet our users and new prospects at meetings and congresses, but it also blocked the initial…

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17 May 2019

Stay tuned for new publications

New publications on scientific and clinical use of UTC imaging both in human and equine are released regularly. The purpose of this news item is to remind you to check from time to time the “Publications”…

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24 January 2019

Equine user meeting in conjunction with Jumping Amsterdam

For the third year in a row we organized the equine user meeting. This year it is held the day prior to the Veterinary Sport Horse Congress, organized by Proveto in conjunction with Jumping Amsterdam.

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10 September 2018

Brand new article being published.

Trail-blazing research in Ocala FL: UTC imaging reveals differences between tendons in dominant vs non-dominant limbs in juvenile racehorses and subsequent adaptation to loading during early race…

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7 June 2017

It is easier to own a UTC System than you may think

A newsletter has just been released about the economic aspects of owning a UTC System. An issue many potential UTC imaging users struggle with. We have noticed though that there are quite a number of bounces…

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15 February 2017

Equine Seminar proofed to be very successful

The Equine UTC imaging seminar which was organized in conjunction with the Veterinary Sport Horse Congress during Jumping Amsterdam proofed to be very successful. The attendants were asked to fill out a…

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1 November 2016

International Scientific Tendinopathy Symposium 2016

The 4th ISTS (International Scientific Tendinopathy Symposium) in Cape Town was a resounding success.
During the symposium the no.1 trending tweets in South Africa and also highly ranked in other…

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18 October 2016

UTC imaging in NBA

UTC imaging in NBA for monitoring “elastic springs” in high-performance basketball players.
FC Barcelona invested already more than 2 years ago in UTC imaging as a reliable tool for monitoring their…

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5 April 2016

Observations by one of the pioneers of UTC imaging

In our teams of high-profile professional athletes, we are now serially UTC-scanning Achilles and patellar tendons, both asymptomatic and with ongoing tendinopathies, as a means of monitoring player’s…

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6 November 2015

Scientific Symposium at Football Medicine Strategies Return to Play Congress

At the Football Medicine Strategies Return to Play Congress in London, 9 – 11 April, 2016, we will organize a scientific workshop on UTC imaging.
Early Sunday morning Hakan Alfredson will chair the…

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28 September 2015


Preparing ourselves for an exciting congress at Camp Nou, Barcelona.
Muscle Tech Network, in conjunction with ECOSEP is organizing their bi-annual symposium at the home of FC Barcelona, Camp Nou.
Next to…

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23 September 2015

First equine system sold in Ireland

Although we have not succeeded to convince UK vet’s of the virtues of UTC imaging yet, we are coming close by selling an equine UTC System into Ireland. This first unit in Ireland was sold to a Dutch equine…

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7 September 2014


An annoying misunderstanding that was raised due to a competing interest statement made by Prof. Jill Cook in an article in the British Journal of Sports Medicine in April, has fortunately been corrected. The…

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31 August 2014

FC Barcelona chooses for UTC

FC Barcelona has acquired a UTC System to monitor their high-profile players in the soccer, basketball and handball teams.
In the first week of June, doctor Hans van Schie, scientific director of UTC Imaging,…

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29 August 2014

Workshop UTC imaging

In conjunction with the International Scientific Tendinopathy Symposium 2014 in Oxford, 5 and 6 September, UTC Imaging has organized a workshop on the use and benefits of UTC imaging. Download the program:…

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26 June 2014

International Congress of the International Society for Medical Shockwave Treatment 2014

In Milano, Italy the 17th ISMST congress took place from the 26th till the 28th of June, 2014.
The congress, entirely geared towards shockwave therapy, is the ideal place to display the abilities of UTC…

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26 March 2014

UTC Imaging took part in the IOC World Conference : Prevention of Injury & Illness in Sport.

From April 10 – 12, 2014 UTC Imaging exhibited at the IOC World conference in Monaco. At this important congress Hans van Schie gave a presentation on the use of UTC imaging to visualize and monitor patellar…

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21 March 2014

First system installed in the USA

In March we installed a system at Richard Stevens office in Thousand Oaks, CA. Together with Norman Rantanen they will use the system in conjunction with the RLT (Regenerative Laser Therapy) units to stage the…

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15 December 2012

Opening of clinic with UTC scanner

Recently Michel Hoegaerts opened his new orthopedic equine clinic, Equisound in Sint Laureins, Belgium. At this occasion a presentation on UTC was given by Hans van Schie DVM PhD, since Michel equiped his…

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23 November 2012

International Scientific Tendinopathy Symposium 2012

The 2nd International Scientific Tendinopathy Symposium (ISTS) was this year held in Vancouver Canada. Hans van Schie was invited to participate in the round table discussions preceeding the congress, as well…

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6 February 2012

Official introduction of the UTC Scanner

During Jumping Amsterdam 2012, UTC Imaging presented the UTC scanner for the first time in a commercial setting.
Parallel to Jumping Amsterdam Proveto organized the 8th Veterinary Sport Horse

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17 November 2011

Post about observations by one of the UTC-pioneers

In our team of high-level professional athletes, we are now serially UTC-scanning our ongoing Achilles and Patella tendon pathologies weekly and sometimes bi-weekly as a means of monitoring player’s…

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14 June 2011

Annual Conference of the ISMST

At the Annual Conference of the International Society of Musculo-Skeletal Shockwave Treatments (ISMST) held in Kiel (Germany), June 9-11, 2011, the unique abilities of UTC imaging for targeted treatment,…

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31 May 2011

Equitana Equine Sports Medicine Congress

At the Equitana Equine Sports Medicine Congress in Essen (Germany), March 18-19, 2011, the virtues of UTC imaging for injury-prevention and monitoring of tendon lesions in the horse were presented for an…

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