Jumping Amsterdam: A Fusion of Top Sport and Continuing Education 15 December 2023

Towards the end of January, the city of Amsterdam will play host to the much-anticipated Jumping Amsterdam, a prestigious event that showcases the world’s finest riders and horses in both show jumping and dressage. This event goes beyond the thrill of competition and serves as an important platform for continuing education in the field of equine health.

The 18th Veterinary Sport Horse Congress

Running parallel to Jumping Amsterdam, Proveto organizes the annual Veterinary Sport Horse Congress. Specifically designed for veterinarians with a keen interest in sport horses, this congress offers a unique opportunity to attend its 18th edition.

Over the course of two days (26th-27th January), international top speakers will deliver a comprehensive program on sport horse medicine and management. Among the many compelling themes that will be addressed are Subchondral bone injury in forelimbs of show jumpers by Sarah Puchalski (CA), Diagnosing neck pain and dysfunction – an inside-out perspective! by Kevin Haussler (US) and How to create an individual rehabilitation programme in case of back problems byRachel Murray (UK).

Our Role and Commitment

As a leading diagnostic instrument provider for horses, UTC Imaging is proud to be a Platinum sponsor of this congress. We will be showcasing our latest UTC System, a unique tool designed to manage tendon health.

Our involvement does not end there. We take advantage of this event, attended by many of our UTC imaging users, to organize a user-meeting – an exclusive event for our users. Each participant presents two cases of interest or poses questions for collegial discussion, making it an effective educational event.

Join Us!

Unfortunately, the 2024 user-meeting is already fully booked. However, there are still plenty of opportunities to partake, learn, and contribute to the Veterinary Sport Horse Congress. We urge you to secure your spot by registering as soon as possible via the official website. At UTC Imaging, we value continuous learning and collaboration, and we look forward to your active participation in this enlightening event.