Is UTC imaging difficult to learn? 14 September 2017

UTC imaging is no rocket science and depending on the knowledge about tendons and the dedication to spent time to train, it is learned easily.

With each UTC System sold an initial training is included in the purchase price. This two to three days training deals with the basics of UTC imaging, the scanning, the analysis and the interpretation.

For proper use of UTC imaging it is important to understand the underlying basics. So, the training starts with extensive explanation on the principles of UTC imaging.

Since scanning is highly automated, both for the ultrasound settings as well as the probe movement, data acquisition is learned within an hour. Most important is the positioning of the Tracker parallel to the tendon and keeping the Tracker motionless for the 45 seconds of the scan. Scanning does not need specialized personnel, just a pair of steady hands and could even be left to supporting personnel.

The analysis is also highly automated and in many cases just needs the click of a button. The training covers however the rules to apply in the analysis settings. This too is learned in an hour.

The most important part of UTC imaging is the interpretation of the color-coded images. This takes most of the time of the training.
Besides scanning, analysis and interpretation live on some patients, most training is done based on our extensive database of cases.

After the initial training, each novice-user is ready to start using UTC imaging at his own which is crucial for improving skills, especially interpretation. To guarantee a steep learning curve we are available ‘on the background’ to discuss interpretation when requested.
In our experience, it takes approximately three-month regular use to become completely confident in using UTC imaging.