Can I share UTC imaging data with colleagues? 13 September 2017

Ultrasound scanning is known to be highly dependent on the skills of the ultrasonographer and even then, images can hardly be reproduced nor are they of any value to colleagues who did not collect the image themselves. In conventional US scanning is poorly reproducible and evaluation is subjective.

In UTC imaging however scanning and analysis is highly automated and therefor operator independent. The ‘art’ has been taken out of the scanning, rather it is pure science.

Studies both in veterinary and human applications revealed that the intra- and inter- observer reliability is excellent, both for scanning and statistical analysis (ICC is always well over 0.90).

So, data sets (50 to 60 MB) can be shared with colleagues and after analysis both the color-coded images and statistical data will be similar at both ends and can thus very well be discussed.

Of course the colleague should have a UTC System or have a UTC Analyzer license to be able to display and analyze UTC imaging data sets.