AMSSM 26th Annual Meeting 9-11 May, 2017 San Diego, CA, USA

May 9 through 11 we will exhibit at the Annual Convention of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine which will take place in San Diego, Ca.

Theme at this 26th Annual Meeting will be “Medicine in Motion”.

What could be a better place to showcase the UTC System, with reference to a quote from Karim Khan:
“Note the innovation of ‘Ultrasound Tissue Characterization’ – a novel way of quantifying ultrasound images. An innovation from the thoroughbred racing industry and possibly the next big thing in imaging – this is a ‘giant leap’ rather than a small step.”

– Quote from the editorial “Ultrasound as the new stethoscope” in Br J Sports Med 2010 (December);44 (16), by Professor Karim Khan, Editor of the British Journal of Sports Medicine.