Equine user meeting in conjunction with Jumping Amsterdam 24 January 2019

For the third year in a row we organized the equine user meeting. This year it is held the day prior to the Veterinary Sport Horse Congress, organized by Proveto in conjunction with Jumping Amsterdam.

Seasoned users as well as novice users from all over the world are participating in this meeting where cases/scans brought-in by all participants are being presented and discussed.
Despite that some vets could not make it due to illness, participants from as far as Japan and Brazil were present.

It is a lively meeting with active interactions on interesting cases/scans. All aspects of UTC imaging as part of the clinical case are being discussed. Scan quality, difficulties/techniques in acquisition, analysis, interpretation in relation to the clinical case as well as treatment and questions there about are passing by.
It is regarded as the perfect way to improve skills and knowledge on UTC imaging.